Real Coconut All-In-One Cream

Real Coconut All-In-One Cream

Real Coconut All-In-One Cream


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Face & body cream for the whole family

Face & body cream for the whole family, from baby skin to adult sensitive skin; this high-moisture, high-capacity all-in-one cream contains peach extract, evening primrose oil, and shea butter.
This large all-in-one cream contains moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil to help maintain a moisturizing and soft complexion.

01 Intensive care for family

Face & body cream for the whole family

A family size cream for children to adults; gently absorbed into the skin to help maintain healthy, hydrated skin.

02 Natural moisturizing ingredients

Long-lasting moisturization with coconut oil

This family size cream is great for all four seasons by moisturizing the skin; it prevents dryness and dead skin cells during the spring and autumn season where the temperature changes, and hydrates in the wintertime.

03 Moisturizing and soft finishing

A soft, easy-to-use formula that gives you a differentiated depth of moisturization.

Recommended for

For those feels dry in-door

For those burdened to use multiple and heavy products

For those wish to treat hydration, whitening and wrinkles all-in-one

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Main extract

Coconut oil, the healthiest oil on earth
Coconut oil, sometimes called ‘a pharmacy contained in a jar’ in 1950, has been used as a natural moisturizer by many.
Coconut is rich in vitamins such as B1, B2, B5 and C and is rich in minerals and amino acids to control the oil and water balance of the skin.
*The said effects are the features of the original ingredient.

FARM STAY, Healthy Skin Every Day

FARM STAY is a representative cosmetic brand of Myungin Cosmetics. We offer cosmetic products made by a variety of natural ingredients to enhance the natural beauty.

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