Collagen Water Full Moist Treatment Hair Filler

Collagen Water Full Moist Treatment Hair Filler

Collagen Water Full Moist Treatment Hair Filler


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13ml * 10pieces
Recommended skin type
Recommended for all skin
Date of use
12 months after opening
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MyungIn Cosmetic Co., Ltd.
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Ships within 7-15 days
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Healthy and Lustrous Hair

Provides keratin and collagen between cuticles, the protein component of hair, to provide a firm and radiant care for damaged hair. This highly concentrated hair product help maintains hair healthy and silky.

01 Providing nutrition to rough and damaged hair

This hair filler nourishes cuticles that are damaged by perm, dyeing, and heat and improves hair quality.

02 Hair moisturizing care + glossy effect

With a single-use, you can feel that every single strain of hair is filled and nourished by nutrients from hair fillers.

03 Easy home care

Easy to use in the shower at the end of the day, providing fresh protein to the hair quickly.

Recommended for

For those concerned with dry hair due to frequent coloring

For those concerned with dry and tangled hair

For those often uses styling tools

Main extract

Hydrolyzed marine collagen that gives hair elasticity and is absorbed fast
This ingredient is obtained from the hydrolysis of proteins often contained in the animal bones or cartilage. It generates elastic cell tissues and maximizes skin fiber density. It also has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties.
When absorbed into the hair, it hydrates the hair to prevent static electricity from occurring.
*The said effects are the features of the original ingredient.

FARM STAY, Healthy Skin Every Day

FARM STAY is a representative cosmetic brand of Myungin Cosmetics. We offer cosmetic products made by a variety of natural ingredients to enhance the natural beauty.

물과 필러를 1:1로 넣어준 후 물과 필러가 잘 섞이도록 저어 줍니다.

크림 형태로 변한 필러를 모발 전체에 골고루 도포합니다.

10분 후 물로 헹구어 냅니다.


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Product Name

Collagen Water Full Moist Treatment Hair Filler


13ml * 10pieces

(Skin type, color, code, number)

Recommended for all skin

Expiration Date

36 months, Use within 12 months after opening

Direction to use

Product Details


MyungIn Cosmetic Co., Ltd.


Innobeaute Co., Ltd.

Manufactured in

Republic of Korea

Functional cosmetics are required to take the examination by KFDA according to the cosmetics act.

Precautions to use

1) Consult a specialist if there are any abnormalities or side effects such as red spots, swelling or itching when using the product or after use by direct sunlight.

2) Refrain from using it in injured areas or wounds.

3) Precautions for storage and handling
a) Keep out of reach of children
b) Store away from direct sunlight”

Quality Assurance Standard

If there is any abnormality in this product, we provide compensation in accordance with the public announcement of the Fair Trade Commission.

Customer Service Contact

+82) 070-5178-0800 / Weekdays 10:00 – 18:00, Closed on weekends

Shipping information

- The items will be delivered after payment confirmation from PayPal.

- Delivery takes about 7-12 days.

- You cannot cancel your order or change options or shipping address if delivery is in progress.

Exchange/Return Information

Exchange/return is eligible in the following cases

- Within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product. (Provided that the box and packaging are not damaged)

- We cover the shipping costs for exchange and return caused by product defects only. The shipping fee of $50 shall be borne by customers for other cases including simply changing your preference.

Exchange/return is ineligible in the following cases

- After 15 days from the date of receipt of the product.

- Product is damaged.

- Damage/removal of trademark or box. (In a condition where resales is not plausible)

- When the value of the goods is degraded due to damage or loss from using the product.

- When the value of the product is degraded due to mistakes made by customers or from using the product.

Cancellation/Change Information

- Cancellations or changes are only to be made when the product has not delivered yet. Please contact the sales department directly.

*Online application or post on the website may not be reflected for cancellations or changes.

*You cannot cancel your order once the delivery process has begun, and the shipping cost from change and cancellation shall be borne by the customer.

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